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Sunday School & Gospel Message 

12:00-1:00 pm


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7:30-8:30 pm

Come to Sunday School!

Every Sunday at 12 pm we hold a Sunday School for children and teenagers.  Parents are welcome to come along and join in the choruses and hear the Bible Stories that we teach the children.   Coffee and refreshment are served before Sunday School each week at 11:45 am. 

All are Welcome - No Collection is Taken


February 24 - March 8​, 2019

Speaker: Eugene Higgins

"The Greatest Words the World Has Ever Heard" 

 Messages that explore some of the life-giving words of the Lord Jesus Christ.These meetings allow you to just sit and listen to the presentation of these Greatest Words; no coming to the front and NO COLLECTION of any kind is taken.

Each one hour meeting is at 7:00 pm, weekday evenings and

12:00 Noon, Sundays. There will be no meeting on Saturday.

​ 2019 Youth Conference Weekend 

​January 19 - 21, 2019

​Speakers:  Peter Ramsay and Andrew Ussher

​   For Information and Accommodations:

​   Tom Clark -  tclarkjr5@aol.com  or  (412)491-8100

SATURDAY, January 19th

​The wisdom of the world – how does it think?
The major philosophies underlying the world’s perspective on life, including Hedonism, Materialism & Humanism.  The danger of these philosophies moulding and controlling the perspectives of a believer.

​The wisdom of God – the secret of Godliness

Appreciating God’s purposes in my life in this world, instead of adopting the world’s perspectives.  Sanctification instead of Hedonism, Contentment instead of Materialism,Godliness instead of Humanism.

 Money & Materialism Part 1 

“Serving Money” instead of “Serving God”  
Few things in our world are more powerful and mind-altering as society’s perspective on money and possessions.  We must be vigilant and alert that the world’s thinking and practices do not become ours.

Money & Materialism Part 2
“Honoring God with our Substance”
 Using money and material possessions for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.  Understanding the privileges and responsibilities of stewardship.


Specific Challenges with Technology & the Information Age
The world has always been opposed to God’s purposes, and living for God has always been counter-cultural – but there are some unique (or greatly pronounced) challenges presented in today’s technologically-advanced, and information-saturated society.  As believers we need to be aware of these.

SUNDAY, January 20th
 Using Technology to Glorify God in the Information Age
As with everything, the technological advances of the world system, and the resultant ease of communication and ready access to information not only present a threat to the child of God – they also present unique opportunities to serve Him in our own generation by reaching the lost, supporting fellow believers and learning Bible truth.

 Living in This World as a Citizen of Heaven
We live in the world, but we don’t really belong here.  Our identity, our home, our point of reference and our loyalty are all linked to a different place – heaven!  And yet, the Lord has specifically sent us into this hostile, inhospitable conflict zone to serve and honor Him.  And this is a privilege we will only have here and now.  What does it mean to live in this world as citizens of heaven?

Monday,January 21st
Recreational Day
Meet at Clark Residence 8:30 AM


North Tampa Gospel Hall is the meeting place of  a group of Christians who gather unto the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, seeking to follow the biblical pattern as laid forth throughout the New Testament.   Our fellowship has no denominational affiliation but is self-governed and self supported.

No public collections are taken and no appeal is ever made for funds or pledges.   It is our desire to have a warm and spiritual atmosphere in which the entire family can find encouragement, growth and lasting satisfaction through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

​​​North Tampa Gospel Hall